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Artist's Biography

David Van Sice was born in Rochester, N. Y. in 1949. His family moved to California in 1950 and to Tucson, Arizona in 1951. David became ill soon afterward and spent much of the next six years of his life in hospital care. The halls and lobby of the hospital were well decorated with many large and beautiful paintings and sculptures. There was beautiful art throughout the building and as he stood and marveled at the art he later stated, “A great love for art engulfed me. It was not so much that I had that thought but more that a great felling of comfort and wellness came over me”.

Sometime before his eighth birthday his family acknowledged the talent shown in his art. At that time, David recalls, he realized he had gained an acceptance that he had not known before, and he had been given a gift. He promptly, though naively he admits, decided to become an artist. Throughout school he took every art class that was available to him and excelled in every case. During the last two years of high school he worked for a picture frame shop where could learn more about art and artists. After high school, whenever he could, he would go to a community center in South Tucson to entertain the children by drawing portraits of them. During the five years between high school and full-time college he worked during the day and took art classes at night and ultimately received his B. A. from the University of Arizona in Art Education in 1978.

---He taught art for six years in Arizona public school---

but in the mid 80’s he retired from teaching. He started a business as a freelance artist and consultant and worked for a print shop and art gallery in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. He had worked in a print shop in Tucson while in college, sold a painting occasionally, took on a few commissions and, later worked for design agencies and print shops in California. All allowed him to earn an income from and increase his love of art.

After years of exhaustive work, long hours and little rest he was eventually placed on disability in 2001 because of severe emotional and physical exhaustion. The process of recovering is ongoing. Since late December of 2012, PSA Art Awakenings in Tucson has helped him regain his passion to paint. He has completed two series of paintings and is working on more. Over the years he has produced hundreds of pieces of art, and has over 170 pieces available for sale and thousands of digital files of images and designs.

 ---Having learned some hard lessons over the past four years---

David finds the response of people who see his work to be very supportive and encouraging. As he graduated from the University of Arizona College of Fine Arts and participated in the College's Senior Show he became painfully aware that there was a great deal to be learned. Although he had learned to teach art he knew nothing about how to survive as a freelance artist but he persevered. For the next thirty years he worked to find out how to do this on his own. Although he has been called an Art Empresario he will be the first to admit that there is always more to learn.