Solo Exhibition

On April 28th I graduated from the Art Awakenings program in Tucson, Arizona. From there I applied to join the graduate program at PSA called The Warehouse and simultaneously submitted a proposal for a one man Show at the Bisbee Gallery. I learned on graduation day that my proposal was accepted. The solo show is my first outreach into more professional activity since a disappointing attempt at representation by a private gallery here in town almost two years ago.

The first thing I have learned is that it is very important to have the right people supporting you. I will say that I had to take a step of Faith, but this time I had learned that I could trust the people helping me. There are many other things I learned from last night: I had to get out and get to know the people that could be valuable to me down the road. I had to keep my eyes open as I went from one gallery to another, watching what was offered and how it was presented. I had to step up when the opportunity arose and be friendly, cordial and real. The other artists were not my competition as I had long thought but partners in a cooperative effort to provide a scarce product, a piece of who we are. It isn't so cutthroat as I had been lead to believe over the years but a matter of being astute enough to recognize what is the best product for the market you are serving.

There is so much more but this is enough for now. Check back often, I will share more later.

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