Finally I’m Back

First Thing

I need to apologize for the absence of this blog for over a month. I was having a little difficulty sorting out management issues with the app I’m using, and at this point I think I have sorted things out, but then I became very ill with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. If you know what it is you will understand why I was out of commission for so long, if you don’t know what it is, Google it. Thank you for your patience.

So Much To Tell

I didn’t know where to start. So I started a list of the different things and I’m putting them in priority order. That is going to take some time so until that is done I will tell you why I started this blog and where I hope it will go.

Early In My Career

After I graduated from the University of Arizona I started teaching art in one of Tucson’s public high schools. Textbooks were not part of the curriculum, they were too expensive. I was told to write my own curriculum and to ask if I needed help. I thought, “Whoa, where do I start?” To keep this short, after I wrestled far too long with the idea I eventually settled on making a sequential list of each part of the process I learned while making art as I understood it. Of course I had to explain each item on the list and how it fit into the art making process, offer project plans that included lists of supplies necessary to complete the projects then break all of it down into teachable fifty minute units. That list became the framework for my curriculum from that point on. That curriculum and my teaching style combined became so effective I quickly earned exemplary evaluations and my classes became popular among students who were already serious about art and other staff who knew my classes would help certain students. I soon began condensing successful units into Learning Activity Packets that I offered as extra credit work or Substitute’s Supplements.

As time passed

I have often been asked how to do one thing or another and I have used parts of my curriculum to offer suggestions. Recently I made several copies of one of my handouts which has been well received. Many people have been helped by my teaching method especially people who have not received any formal training. Those people are the focus of my attention both here on my blog, in my art making and marketing. My hope is that anyone who reads my blog will find something to enjoy.

A New Frontier

Are you ready for another adventure in design? Shapes are the next frontier.

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