Appropriate Storage

Today I am hanging some of the 100+ pieces that I recently brought home from Bisbee, AZ after striking my exhibition at the PSA Gallery there. I hang them rather than try to store the since I really don't have appropriate storage space. What is appropriate storage space? It is a clean, temperature controlled, bug free, weather proof and secure space with slip racks so the art doesn't bang or scrape together. Framing is expensive enough without having to repair or redo it. So, I hang the art in my home which is 5 of 6 factors appropriate, but time consuming. Actually proper care of art between shows or sale is time consuming if we expect our work to have the expected longevity, well at least I expect my work to have a certain longevity and I know the buyer does too.

#storage #bugfree #damagefree #protected #damagefreescufffree #weatherproof

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